Why Use Doggie Day Care


Top Ten Reasons Your Dog Needs Doggie Oasis Day Care

10. Friends, toys, W-A-L-K-S, purified  water… What more could a dog want? 

9. Wishing the dog park had air conditioning? Doggie Oasis does.

8. Play all day = sleep all night

7. Barking dog and upset neighbors? Problem solved.

6. Cleaning crew not dog people? We are!

5. Does your dog need help shedding some holiday weight?

4. Our exclusive web cam;   Fido doesn't know you’re watching.

3. All of our dogs are screened. Can the dog park say the same?

2. Your dog will look forward to your next vacation as much as you do!

1. “Not my brand new couch!” Enough said 




Doggie Oasis Day Care, "Where it's a Dog's World After All"


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