Q. What is doggie day care?

A. Doggie day care is a place where busy people can bring their dogs to play in a cage-free environment when they have commitments or work which keeps them away from home and they do not want their dog to be left home alone. It is also for people who are having work done on their home, or are trying to sell it, and would like to treat their dog to a day of fun while keeping him or her out of the way! Dog day care is one of the best ways to get your dog socialized in a controlled and supervised environment.

Q. Can I just show up with my dog?

A. No, we have to insist on a screening process before we will accept a new dog. We interview you, the parent, and then we do a four hour evaluation of your dog to establish how your dog will acclimate to the other dogs who come here every day. All of our dogs must also be spayed or neutered if over 6 months, and have proof of current vaccinations.

Q. Ok, so once my dog has passed the evaluation, I can just show up?

A. We do require that you make reservations or call ahead. This helps us plan for the dogs for the day. We maintain a high staff per dog ratio and there is a limit on the number of dogs that we can take at one time. We would hate for you to bring your excited dog here to play, and not have space! It is possible to call last minute and still get in.

Q. Do you keep the dogs in cages?

A. During the day, we are a completely cage-free facility. The majority of our space is taken by our large open play area. We do have some separate smaller rooms that we use when a dog needs a break from play, a nap, or just wants some time alone.

Q. Do you keep dogs overnight?

A. Yes. The dogs sleep in over sized crates in the same large room as the overnight attendant. Your dog plays all day long in our cage-free environment. At the end of the day, they go into their crate to eat and for a restful night of sleep. The overnight attendant takes them out for potty breaks and one-on-one time. In the morning, they are ready for another day of play!

Q. Do you separate the dogs by size?

A. Doggie Oasis is excited to announce the opening of our newest playroom, for "Mini's!" This playroom is for dogs under 15lbs. All of our other dogs are able to play together in our main play area. All of our dogs are screened, regardless of size.

Q. I keep hearing about Suites. What are they and does Doggie Oasis offer them?

A. Suites can range in size from a small dog run to a large room. While the suite itself might have some nice amenities like TV and a bed, it is usually missing the most important amenities for your dog: companionship. Dogs are pack animals and like to be with other people or dogs. While Doggie Oasis does not offer suites, we offer the pack environment your dog craves. Our over sized crates are completely open. Your dog can see everything that is going on, including their best friend sleeping next to them! They can also see our overnight staff who is sleeping in the same room with the dogs. One of our staff likes to say that she can hear if your dog sneezes! We also recommend your dog comes to day care a few times before boarding. This will make it much less stressful on your dog to be away from you, and should result in a true vacation for your dog!

Q. After 2 years on the night shift, I will be working days for the next three months. My dog is used to sleeping thru the night and being active during the morning and early afternoon. Now that I am at work, he is not adjusting well to being left alone. Can you help me?

A. Yes we can. Your dog is probably having as much difficulty adjusting to your new schedule as you are. On your way to work, drop him off at Doggie Oasis and he will be able to play and be active, make new friends, and go home satisfied, happy, and probably ready for a long nap. That way he will keep the schedule he’s used to and will not have to re-adapt when your job gets back to the normal routine.

Q. My Basset Hound, Molly, loves to play with other dogs at the park, and I think she would have a lot of fun at doggie day care rather than staying home alone while I run errands. The only problem is that she needs medication 3 times a day, and I plan everything around that. Would that prevent her from playing at Doggie Oasis?

A. No, we have several dogs who have special needs, and that would be no problem at all!

Q. My dog really needs a bath. The house is starting to smell too much from him! Is this something that can be done while he is at day care?

A. Giving your dog a bath while at day care is no problem! We will pull him out of play for the shortest time possible to give him the spa treatment. After his bath, instead of sitting in a cage, he will get to go back to play! We also have grooming services available if your dog needs that special haircut!

Q. What vaccinations do you require?

A. We require all dogs to have the bordetella vaccination every 6 months. DHPP (Distemper, Parvo) is required once a year. Rabies is required every three years unless your dog is under 2 years old. At that age it is required once a year.

Q. I am planning on boarding my dog. Can I drop him off in the evening before you close. I will miss him and would like to spend as much time as possible with him before I leave.

A. While we understand how much you will miss your dog, it is much too stressful on him to be dropped off late in the day. Your dog will know something is going on from being with you all day. In addition, all of the day care dogs are leaving, and the overnight dogs are tired and ready to go to bed. The earlier you drop off your dog, the less stress on him. We do require all overnight dogs be dropped off by 3pm on weekdays and 1pm on weekends.

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